Monitor and configure EPEVER Solar Charge Controllers with RS485 communication feature on Windows OS. Compatible Products: Tracer-A, Tracer-AN, Tracer-BN, Tr. Python ’s eval() allows you to evaluate arbitrary Python expressions from a string-based or compiled-code-based input. This function can be handy when you’re trying to dynamically evaluate Python expressions from any input that comes as a string or a compiled code object.. Although Python ’s eval() is an incredibly useful tool, the function has some important security. The undocumented Epever 0x43 (67) modbus command is similar to the regular read register command (0x4) except that it allows reading discontinguous registers. ... $ python : Connected successfully to /dev/ttyXRUSB0: 2020-08-03 22:19:31,093 MainThread DEBUG transaction :117 Current transaction state - IDLE: 2020-08-03 22:19.

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